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Please note that photos will be taken at two locations. Your child's time and location is listed below. If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact your coach.


  Team Name Division  Team Name Division
8:00 AM McGillvray 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec Morabito 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec
8:15 AM Lander 7th Gr Travel Galego 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec
8:30 AM Hazeldine 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec Lander 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec
8:45 AM Nichols 8th Gr travel Stophner 7th/8th Gr Boys Rec
9:00 AM O'Keefe 6th Grade Boys Travel Okeefe 4th Gr Travel 
9:45 AM Mullins 4th Girls Travel    
10:45 AM Dufresne GIRLS REC 3/4 Galego/Vito GIRLS REC 3/4
11:15AM O'Keefe GIRLS REC 3/4 Fitzroy GIRLS REC 3/4
11:30 AM Okeefe 5th/6th Boys REC    
11:45AM Munger BOYS REC 3/4 Kass BOYS REC 3/4
12:00PM Riberio BOYS REC 3/4 Argeuello BOYS REC 3/4
12:45PM Rodericks 5th/6th Girls REC    
1:00PM Hynes BOYS REC 3/4 Lacamera BOYS REC 3/4
1:15PM Vito 5th/6th Girls Cormier 7th/8th Girls
2:00PM Smith 5th/6th Girls REC    
5:15 PM Gauvin High School Sheehan High School
3:15 PM O'Keefe High School Collamore High School
4:15 PM Bingel High School Baker High School





  Team Name Division  Team Name Division
8:30AM    GR 1 Boys Instr.    
8:45 AM Andy 6th Gr Girls Travel Bingel 7th Gr Girls Travel
9:30AM   GR 1/2 Girls Instr.    
10:00AM McAlear 5th Grade Travel Arguello 4th Gr Travel
10:30AM Faherty 5th/6th Boys REC Lombardo 5th/6th Boys REC
10:45AM   GR 2 Boys Instr.   Gr 2 Boys Rec 
11:30AM     Ollerhead 5th/6th Boys REC
11:45AM   GR 2 Boys Instr.   GR 2 Boys REC
12:00PM Toole 7th/8th Girls Rec    
12:30PM   Kindergaten    
1:30 PM   Kindergaten